06 Nov 2016

This Week In Mediation – Episode 1

06 Nov 2016


A new Mediation broadcast, presented by Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies, has been launched by Mediator Academy airing on every Monday.

In the first broadcast of This Week In Mediation, we look at a round up of events that took place during Mediation Awareness Week in the UK and Ireland. We talk to the President of the MII to get the inside track on the draft Mediation Bill as well as the new German Mediation Accreditation Regulation.

Also on the show we examine a case from the Indian High Court on whether criminal cases are suitable for mediation. As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate we look at the role of mediation and negotiation in reaching peace agreements and what mediators can learn from these processes to improve their own mediation practice. All this and more coming up in this week’s show.

Please click here to watch the show.

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