16 Nov 2016

This Week In Mediation – Episode 5

16 Nov 2016


In this week’s video episode of This Week In Mediation, presented by Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies, we report from the Kremlin where the Justice, Mediation and Social Justice Conference is taking place. We hear directly from Professor Tsisana Shamlikashvili, organiser of the conference, as she describes the drivers for the conference and reflects on the highlights. We also here directly from Mr Vladimir Pligin former legislator and Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation was instrumental in the passing of the mediation law in Russia. Staying in that region we hear about proposed legislative amendments to simplify mediation and arbitration procedures in the Ukraine.

We then move to the land of clogs and windmills and examine some regulatory activity taking place in the Netherlands which have been met with mixed reactions.

We then travel further West across the pond to hear about president-elect Trump’s ambitions to broker peace between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir dispute but not before he sits on the other side of the mediation table as a party in one of his many disputes.

For our final piece of mediation news we here about a heart-warming project called Roma Health Mediation that helps a disenfrachised segment of Bulgarian society engage productively in dialogue with a real impact on health and well being of members of the Roma community in that region.

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