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December 2016

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This Week In Mediation – Episode 8

In this week’s special Christmas episode of This Week In Mediation, presented by Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies we look at the 5 biggest global trends in mediation during 2016.

We also have a special guest on the show this week; Professor Michelle LeBaron is an expert in conflict resolution from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Michelle recently hosted a mediation gathering in Dublin which looked at conflicts with religious dimensions.

We then head across the pond and consider an innovative mediation initiative in the context of US tax disputes, where the IRS has given the go ahead for a fast-track mediation service.

All this and more from the Mediation news room in London.

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This Week In Mediation – Episode 7


In this week’s Mediation news, presented by Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies, we report from Edinburgh at Mediate 2016 – the Scottish Mediation Network’s Annual conference. We learn about a different kind of community mediation in a global village with the World Bank Group urging India and Pakistan to mediate over a water dispute. From the Indian sub-continent we travel to Somalia and look at the role of mediation in political dialogue. Our final destination is Australia where we learn about the role of mediation to assist victims of historical institutional sexual and physical abuse, a topics that’s hit the news very recently in the UK. These are the main stories but tune in for lots more in the world of mediation.

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